The Mx Projects

What are the Mx Projects?

The Mx Projects is the name given to a growing body of research with minority sexualities. This work is co-led by me and Dr Michael Richards and supported by the enthusiasm, dedication and commitment of student and staff researchers across both Keele and Edge Hill Universities.

As well as being a gender neutral title ‘Mx’ also stands for minority sexualities

The Research Team

Dr Michael Richards & Dr Katie Wright-Bevans (co-leads)

Dr Nicola Ralph (consultant statistician)

Bethany Addy (research assistant)

Abdul Morrison (MSc research apprentice)

Jing Jane Quek (MSc research apprentice)

Annabel Roberts (MSc dissertation student)

Our Philosophy

“As critical psychologists and scholar-activists, we believe in working with people to understand marginalisation and promote positive social change. We prioritise qualitative and creative methods as a valuable means to understand experiences and social representations in context. We recognise that healthy individuals are the product of healthy communities and as such, we seek to identify and address structural inequalities and their sources.”

The Mx Projects

Current Mx Projects

An international study of bisexual experience (Wright-Bevans, Richards, Ralph, Morrison, Quek & Roberts)

Early in 2019, the team and I collected qualitative and quantitive survey data from over 700 bisexual identifying people across the globe. Our aim was to explore how people make sense of being bisexual, their experiences and sources of perceived discrimination and support.

Social representations of LGBTQ+ rights and policy (Roberts & Wright-Bevans)

For her dissertation as part of an MSc in Social and Political Psychology, Annabel Roberts is using mixed qualitative methods to investigate social representations of LGBTQ+ rights and policy among politicians, heterosexual and LGBTQ+ students.

Understanding health promotion among bisexual people (Wright-Bevans, Addy, Richards & Roberts)

Undergraduate student Beth Addy was successful in securing a British Psychological Society Undergraduate Research Assistantship to work on this project which involves conducting interviews with a sample of bisexual people from our first study.

Gay and lesbian social representations of bisexuality (Wright-Bevans & Richards)

Much research focuses on prejudices within heterosexual communities. Our previous research suggested that bisexuals also feel discrimination from the LGBT+ community. We collected qualitative survey data from over 700 gay and lesbian people to understand their social representations of bisexuality and pansexuality.

Creative arts for social change among sexual minorities (Wright-Bevans & Richards)

Michael Richards and I are in the planning stages of a participatory creative arts project to address some of the issues faced by the participants we’ve spoken with to date.

Want to get involved?

We welcome contact from community organisations, charities, local government and like-minded scholars and students who want to know more about our research or are looking to get involved.